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Welcome to 

excuse the cheesy site - this is just a temporary information site --

We have been having many issues with development and maintenance while finding a new developer and webmaster.

We apologize for the troubles and have been working on progress.

PAYMENTS !!!!!!!!

 Payments are delayed from this and we will have to change some of the general workings of the site to accomodate until we close negotiations with new site developers and webmasters.

We will now require a .005 min to withdraw, we had a .01 min to withdraw prior but wanted to make it no minimuim to withdraw for the visitors and when everything was working this was not an issue. But now that we can no longer make automatic payments we will have to do them manually from personal wallet and this is very labor intensive. So we met in the middle and see how manageble a .005 min is. If we do not like it and it takes to long to earn we may drop to .025, the most we can manage we will do to make sure payments are as fast as possible even doing manually.

So we have to put a stopper in place for those who wish to withdraw to manage this. Here is the last payment we had go out so you will see manual payouts while development is not an option.

We will have a system set up for payment very soon and if nothing else send wallet address and copy and paste earnings to [email protected] and we can manually issue one once the min is reached. Also you can email your thoughts and suggestions to us at this address as well. We built this site on what the visitors wanted and your opinions and ideas is what built us.

 This was the last thing we wanted to do, I believe it is like the JG Wentworth commercial and it is your money and you need it now but you have to see manually making payments is horrible so we have to adapt for now.

 On the same hand though I am also willing to try to work with people and if payment is needed just email us and we can try to manage it.

One quick statement before I close and while in coinvisitor chat talking to a user I made the analogy that since main developer has left due to workload at home coinvisitor is looking for a wife and we just cannot take the first one that comes along. We need someone to "cook and clean" around the site and be a partner in all its success. So bear with us and we are currently dating other developers and will seal the deal when we find the right one for now and future development and seal the deal.



UPDATE: We have 3 developers in line with very good reputations to begin the transformation. We will also by end of week (likely much sooner) a method of withdraw by using a form instead of email.

BONUS: We will also try to help you meet you earn goals faster by adding more sites out of pocket so you can earn faster and meet your withrawl

Oops! This site has expired.

If you are the site owner, please renew your premium subscription or contact support.